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Member Success Story

How Pilates Increased My Self Esteem

Before I joined Club Pilates Shrewsbury in June of 2021, I was feeling run down and had no energy. I had aches and pains and I just wanted to feel better. 

I saw a post on Facebook for Club Pilates. I noticed that there was a studio in my town and I decided to sign up for the free introductory class and see what Pilates was all about. I am so happy I did!

From the moment I walked in the door I felt comfortable. 

After my free introductory class, I signed up for the 8 visits a month. I was really loving everything about Pilates! After a couple weeks, I was enjoying the classes so much I decided that I wanted to take more than just two classes a week and I signed up for the unlimited membership. I was becoming a member of the Club Pilates family.

My self esteem began to improve as my body was improving. I noticed increased strength and muscle tone.

I learned proper posture, breathing techniques and felt more relaxed. Soon I noticed those aches and pains started to go away. 

I think one of the most memorable moments for me was when I was finally able to complete the pike move on the chair.

When I was first shown that move, I couldn’t even lift the pedal off of the floor! But, after a few weeks, I was finally able to correctly complete that move. The first time I actually did it, the entire class applauded my success. There was no better feeling in the world! I think it’s now one of my favorite moves. 

I tell anyone who will listen how awesome Club Pilates is and how it has changed my life! I absolutely love Club Pilates Shrewsbury and the life long friendships I have made. 

Jessica 2

- Jessica, Club Pilates Shrewsbury Member (MA) 

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