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I Was Desperate for My Health Again. Club Pilates Changed My Life.

Pilates completely changed my life.

After 6 months of suffering from Sciatic nerve pain in my legs during covid, I was stuck with not many opportunities available for activity and not being able to walk normally.

I was desperate for my health again, and for a type of physical activity I could actually perform and benefit from. 

I did attend Physical Therapy sessions recommended by my physician, but didn’t find much relief. I was then referred to a spine surgeon who strongly suggested surgery a spinal fusion. I am not a fan of surgery, and the recovery did not sound favorable.

As soon as my local Club Pilates (Walnut Creek) opened, I called to take advantage of the free trial offer.

At my first class, I even found it quite difficult to simply walk from the close parking area to the Club Pilates studio.

I explained my situation to the manager, Colleen, and decided to give the 30-minute free trial a try, hoping that even so much as stretching my legs and back might feel good for 30 minutes. After leaving the studio, I thought, “this might work, I’ll see how I am tomorrow, I determined -- this may be my best last chance.” I opted to purchase a membership and continue on with the Pilates journey, and see how it went from there. 

I am proud to say that I can now walk from my car to the studio with a stride that is more normal than I have experienced for months.

All over, I feel so much better. Each time I attend a class my body is aware of different muscles than it remembered from previous sessions. I am recovering nicely now from Sciatic nerve pain.


Some days Pilates is difficult, but that challenge is making me stronger and better. It has truly made a difference and is definitely worth it.

- Jan N., Club Pilates Walnut Creek member

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