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Cross-Training With Pilates

How Pilates Helped Me Train for My Marathon

I went from chronic pain, to a Club Pilates lover, to Marathon runner, all since April of 2022.

Let's start from the beginning! Some background for you, I played volleyball in college and ended up with two herniated discs in my back (L4/L5 & L5/S1). I was told I should stop playing the sport that I loved.

I missed my sport, but I needed to stay active. To fill my time, I started distance running, eventually working my way up to half marathons and marathons. Unfortunately, I continued struggled with persistent back pain for years.

I couldn't run two days in a row if I wanted to do anything the next day.

 did physical therapy, and tried barre and yoga for restorative forms of fitness, but nothing really helped.

A big milestone, I ran the Boston Marathon in 2019. I really struggled through training because of the back pain. Several doctors told me I should no longer be running nor playing intense sports, but I couldn't let go of the form of fitness I enjoyed the most.

Earlier this year, I signed up for the NYC Marathon and have been training for a good portion of this year. Then, this April, I was introduced to Club Pilates. This changed so much for me.

I have been going to Club Pilates consistently for the last 7 months, and the impact it has had on my marathon training is so evident.

I have had no back pain at all, and I know it is because of Pilates. My core has never been this strong!

Pilates has made me a better athlete and has made my back pain go away. I have been telling all of my friends and family they need to join immediately.

- Jen Green, Club Pilates member

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