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Member Success Story: Nanette Hartung

How do I love Pilates? Let me count the ways.

I love that my daughter and my best friend do Pilates with me.

I love that every class is different. The movements are repeated enough that I feel successful in doing them, but the routine varies enough that it's never boring.

I love that each and every instructor is encouraging with a positive attitude.

I love that each and every instructor reminds us that every workout is different - some days we're strong and not so much on other days and that's okay.

I love that the instructors learn our names and greet us like friends.

I love that each and every instructor will take some time after class to answer questions.

I love that I have confidence in each instructor that she really knows what she's doing and can help me.

I love the small class size so instructors can offer individualized help.

I love that different types of classes are offered and that they're offered at different times of the day so I can take advantage of all the offerings.

I love the pace of the classes. Just at the moment I think I can't do one more rep, the instructors change to give those muscles a break.

I love that I am stronger after doing Pilates for a few months.

I love that I have visible triceps!

I love that we sign up for classes so that I have an appointment on my calendar and can't decide at the last minute that I am too busy to go.

I love that my lower back and neck are not constantly in pain anymore. I love that my plantar fasciitis has disappeared.

I love that I hear Michelle's voice in my head all day telling me to make sure my "core is up, on, and in" and to roll my shoulders back and down.

I love that I'm actually sad if I have to skip a day of class.

I joined Pilates to support our friends who were opening Club Pilates in New Braunfels. I thought I would give it a try for the required three months and see how I liked it. I will continue to go to Club Pilates, because I CAN'T STOP going to Pilates now! I absolutely LOVE Pilates. Never before in my life have I looked forward to exercising every day. I feel better. I feel stronger. I enjoy the camaraderie. The instructors and the staff are what make such a big difference. They truly want everyone in class to become healthier, and they notice when we improve.

What is the best exercise?

The one that you'll do.

Pilates is the one that I'll do.”

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-Member Nanette Hartung, Club Pilates New Braunfels


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