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From Yoga Practice to Pilates Queen: Rosa's Club Pilates Story

I was on a quest to find an exercise program located near my work in lower Manhattan. I was doing hot yoga for years, it was great for internal health, but I wasn’t seeing results on the outside. I wanted to stay in the realm of yoga. I didn’t know the difference between yoga and Pilates then, but I figured they were similar, so I googled it and stumbled across Club Pilates in Tribeca.  It was a perfect match for me - the esthetics of the trendy, boutique-styled Reformer studio was an instant draw. I was welcomed by a well-informed, super kind studio expert who invited me to attend an intro class. At that point, I already knew I was going to sign up.

My experience at Club Pilates has been life-changing

2 years before joining I suffered a serious fall breaking my arm in 2 places and a fractured shoulder. When I was cleared to return to a full exercise practice, it was a challenge to get my body in shape. The loss of function and strength in my shoulder and arm limited my ability to lift it up 100%. I never thought I would be able to do a plank or push up again. I was determined to get up and do it. Club Pilates was the only reason I was able to do so. I went to Physical Therapy, but it didn’t heal and help my arm in the way Pilates did.

I must say, the care and knowledge of all my Pilates instructors for adding special modifications when needed, as well as pushing me beyond my mental limits, is the reason I never gave up.

Honestly, I’m not the same person physically that I was a year ago. I’ve lost pounds (15 to be exact) and I have gained incredible strength in my core. My body is actually being sculpted by my Pilates practice. I recently ran into an “old friend” who was very wowed by my transformation. Everything fits better or is too big -which is a nice problem to have!

I make my Pilates practice a priority, I take two classes a day on the weekdays and on Sunday.

I stay committed even with a full plate of being a Mom of 2, Executive Director of a Recruitment Firm with a 2-hour commute each way. Pilates makes me feel like there is nothing I can’t do, I’m energized and ready to go. Physically...well let’s just say I deleted any thoughts of getting a tummy tuck!! Everything - my whole life - is easier. I even take the steps whenever I can, I don’t think about the elevator anymore.

Every instructor is different.

Different personalities, different routines, different music. It makes the class go by very quickly and you don’t feel like you’re working out. They make you do things you didn’t think you could do. If you told me a year ago, I would be doing the moves on the Reformer and especially on the EXO chair that I’m doing today, I’d say no way!

I didn’t expect to gain an extended family; Club Pilates is my second home.

Really, the best group of fellow class members, instructors, and managers. I laugh about this when people say you spend your life at work. I spend about 4  to 4.5 hours a day at Club Pilates, so you can say I spend my life at the studio! All of the ladies are very close to me as well as the instructors, and seeing them every day allows us to watch each other grow and transform. In class, we laugh when we can’t do moves but we encourage each other to try them out. I’ve been to probably about 300 classes between two studios, I love it, it’s the best thing as far as a workout and weight loss.

I’ve tried it all, this is very result-oriented.

I tell those who haven’t been to Club Pilates…you have it try it. I went and didn’t know anything - it’s intimidating if you haven’t seen the machines before. It is a full-body workout. I didn’t have the best posture before, but now my core is so strong and my posture has improved dramatically. For someone who needs to strengthen their core, you have to go all in. It’s easy to become addicted to it. It’s a smooth workout and you see the results. I have!

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