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Pilates Before And During A Pandemic - Ronit's Story!

Before I joined Club Pilates, I needed a change in workouts. My inspiration came 100% due to not being able to lift heavy weights or do high impact activities due to some medical issues I was undergoing at the time. I was always active and being more restricted in my activities. I was so limited at the local gym and bored. I happen to be walking in the shopping center where club Pilates was in construction and said: “why not”.

I joined a year ago last September, prior to the craziness we are in now.

I joined a club that was in construction in my area and was able to attend classes in another location while my “actual” club was still renovating. I started with two classes a week membership. I went to the next level of 3 within a month and then to unlimited within two months. I was attending class 4-6 days a week within the first three months of joining. The ability to follow certain instructions and attend certain types of classes was easier with unlimited membership and I haven’t looked back.

It has been a little over a year of working out with the Reformer. My balance and flexibility have completely improved and I feel more toned. I can say with confidence I am tighter in areas which were very loosely goosed before. As I mentioned, I was having some medical obstacles (womanly issues) and was instructed to not lift or perform high impact activities.

Pilates has been the perfect answer for me!

Perhaps the best part of Pilates is that I am working so hard to perfect my moves that my mind is completely focused. For that one hour a day, I am able to think of nothing else than the activity I am performing. It's been a blessing to be able to just turn off an extremely busy brain sometimes. I am a pediatric nurse practitioner and this one hour of complete focus on something (unrelated to everything else going on) has been my mental health blessing.

Two things that I've gained from Club Pilates that I didn't expect was flexibility and balance. Never in a million years did I think I could tree pose or do a teaser but I LOVE doing them now and keep challenging myself to perfect new moves!!
I absolutely love the Reformer and that’s what I look forward to the most! It is so very challenging and classes are never boring. It’s literally never the same class twice even though it’s labeled as a certain category. I love Reformer 2! It took me over 7 months to work up the courage to take a level 2 class even once the instructors approved me. Now I’m still extremely nervous, but I LOVE the challenge of it! Coordination, balance and strength are so imperative in the class and I like that I can only perfect a small percentage of the moves because it keeps me so very motivated to keep trying.

Something that I have been able to achieve now are things that my very fit and active elite athlete of children can’t do. Both my son and daughter play high-level travel ice hockey and work out an immense amount, but now I can do certain moves and activities that they can’t! Nothing like showing them that 40 doesn’t mean dead!

During quarantine, I took virtual classes!

When David (the studio owner) offered the virtual membership during this pandemic, my biggest concern was not being able to log on at the specific time. However they recorded classes and the ability to access them at any point was perfect! We all have so much going on right now and finding time is sometimes so very difficult with all the hats we are wearing. Virtual Club Pilates has given me a chance to find some time on my own to work out. Doing it on my own time meant that I was still able to do something I love while also giving me some normalcy in very not-normal time!

My 13-year-old daughter who always made so much fun of me and my obsession with Pilates has become a regular at the classes online with me. Maybe because there was nothing else to do at 7/8 pm at night, but she joined me and has completely changed her mind about Pilates.

Pilates has helped maintain the state of my mind during the pandemic.

My husband also owns several restaurants in NYC and other states which have been shut down, so our stress is immense, but what I can say is that I am usually a calm and positive person. Pilates continues to help me maintain that by giving me some sort of normalcy and keeps me from losing my mind.

Can’t wait to get back in the studio!!!


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