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Member Success Story

My Health Conditions Helped Me Find Pilates


I found Club Pilates only a few years ago, in 2019, when a close friend urged me to try a class to help with my chronic pain relating to autoimmune diseases and health conditions such as fibromyalgia, endometriosis, and a number of other things. I cannot tell you how much it has transformed my life! It has helped with my pain, and I’ve gained strength and flexibility that I never thought was possible.

I’m so excited that I have now begun my teacher training to get certified to become a Pilates instructor through the Club Pilates teacher training program.

 If it wasn’t for the incredible instructors and staff over at Club Pilates WeHo (I’m looking at you @erin decoursey, @spinguypilates, Ashley, Hasani, and so many others!), I don’t know if I would be making this leap! I’m so excited for this next chapter to begin! 

- Esther Mira, Club Pilates WeHo Member and instructor-in-training



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