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Member Success Story

"I haven’t felt this strong and healthy in over a decade."

When I started attending Club Pilates Huntersville in June of 2021, I had never done Pilates before and didn’t know anything about it.

I just knew my 53-year-old body wasn’t getting any younger, and my various past orthopedic surgeries (knees and ankle) were always my excuse to not work out out of fear of re-injury.

I came to the free introduction class offering with an open mind.

I was immediately super impressed with the instructor’s level of understanding in anatomy and fitness.

She showed me modifications to protect myself while maximizing the benefits of a Pilates workout.

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Now, 22 months later, I’m obsessed with Pilates - I attend classes 4-6 times a week!

The best part is, I no longer need to take the anti-inflammatory medication prescribed by my orthopedic surgeon.

Due to the strong core I have built, I now feel safe participating in many outdoor sports, like hiking, kayaking, trail running, and golfing. I even ran my first 10k in 2022!

I haven’t felt this strong and healthy in over a decade.

My favorite instructor Erin is a goddess and my body thanks her! Club Pilates is definitely worth checking out, no matter your fitness level or goals. You WILL benefit from Pilates!

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Written by Stacy Handley, Club Pilates Huntersville Member

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