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April Tools!

This is no joke! This is your new Pilates Health and Wellness toolbox! Your health and happiness is a top priority of Club Pilates. Now is the perfect time to utilize social media and online content. Browse our list to find your new favorites for a path to a fuller, richer, healthier and more satisfying life.


Facebook LIVE and Virtual Classes!

Club Pilates GO is hosting a series of LIVE Pilates workout for you to practice in the comfort of your own home. Find them on Club Pilates Facebook page and Club Pilates GO Facebook page. You can find the schedule in the "Events" section of Club Pilates Facebook page.  Enjoy daily workout sessions to keep you strong and healthy!


Club Pilates On Demand! 

Practice Pilates anywhere, anytime with 200+ Pilates workout videos on demand! There are many equipment alternatives to use in lieu of the gear you find in the gym, and with Club Pilates On Demand there are a variety of videos that require no equipment at all! A majority of the workouts are 15 minutes long, so it's easy to throw one into the middle of your day. If you want to amp up your workout and target specific areas, customize by layering on 2 to 3 videos of your choice!


Everything Pilates on @ClubPilates Instagram!

Stay active and alert on Instagram because you wont want to miss out on our Instagram stories and IGTV content! We will be posting a variety of videos that include but aren't limited to, meditation, instructor stories, Pilates workouts, health and wellness tips, and more!  


Looking for other health and wellness tools? Look no further, we have your reading list! Click on any of the following links:

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- At-Home Pilates Exercises -

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- Tasty Recipes - 

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